Hey, Nice to see you!

You are here means you already know very little about me. And want to know more about me. Well…

First of all, Thank you for coming here and reading about my life journey.

As you already know, I’m a computer science student, doing blogging since Jan 2020. I work part-time as a digital marketer and freelance web developer.

You might be wondering! How can you do so much while still being a student? You may be lying.

If you are also thinking like it. Then let me tell you in detail.

I completed my schooling in 2021 with Science Stream (PCM). In that time, I have so many career options front of me. So, I go confused… [Like you]

Which career should i choose? Which one is best me? and keep going…

So I decided to TAKE A YEAR DRAP from study and explore each career option in which I have little interest.

So I’m here:)